Podcast #13: It’s a Great Time to Get Your Shit Together!

Episode 13: 2 Dope Chics and An Iphone –  It’s a Great Time to Get Your Shit Together! Glamo and the Vixen back at y’all this week with the shits….it got real real, real fast! We wasn’t even drinkin’ no dark likka. Guess our emotions got…


Mama O Moving Weight

Mama O teamed up with Weight Watchers today, signed a five year deal with the company, and decided to become one of their newest investors. Oprah purchased 10% stake in the company at about under $7 each (around $43 million dollars) and she will also…


Drake’s Hotline Bling Official Video

I’m still a little salty about how Champagne Papi just stole Dram’s “Cha Cha” song…but he just released the video for “Hotline Bling” directed by X. This my shit tho. What y’all think?   Here’s Dram’s “Cha Cha”  


Top 10 BET Hip Hop Cyphers

This weekend the BET Hip Hop Awards aka The Ratchet Awards will be going on in Atlanta and while I’m sure it will bring out a few A-List performers they will definitely have all the B-Listers there. I’m only here for the fashions and the cyphers tho….



“Sooner or later u gonna have to face it, I’m like the penthouse, u a fixed up basement!” “U can buy the rags, u can buy the bags but it ain’t no sign that say they sell swag.” Stylin’ on em: – Brown hat –…



  “Beauty is knowing nobody’s real as you truly condolences for that pair of shoes killing the scene….”     “It’s God given, never complicated, a lot of niggas talkin’ but don’t have the heart to say it…the heart to tell you they see potential…


SoBossy Fringe Wedge Boots

Do you have a old pair or shoes boots in your closet that could use a little “remix”? I was going through my boots (because yes the season change is in full effect) and I found a pair of black suede wage boots that I…


“Ace Of Spades”

“Jesus Christ she’s just nice…wait I ain’t say that right she’s just nicccceeee!!!”   “Killed it once, killed it twice, usually I just come n flees…killed it for a third time cuz I heard that DEATH COMES IN THREES!!!” -Fabolous   Stylin’ on ’em:   …


Calling All Lovers – Album Review

Y’all know I love me some music, right? So when I heard that Tamar Braxton was releasing her sophomore album I was MORE than excited considering the fact that Tay Tay be singing her face off! Her first album “Love and War” was okay to…

National Bootie Day

Did You Miss National Bootie Day Too???

Did you celebrate National Bootie Day back on September 9th? It was still hot out for Pete’s sake! I missed it but I will be celebrating today. Why today you ask? Idk…do we ever really NEED a reason to celebrate being cute? Lol. Have you…